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About Alyssa...

Unique to her, Alyssa Flaherty's musical journey began before she ever picked up an instrument. Though sports took center stage in her upbringing, music's magnetic allure steadily drew her in. Alyssa's innate passion for song grew stronger with each passing day, compelling her to share her God-given voice with the world.


From early on, Alyssa showcased her talents at local schools, charity events, talent shows, and even professional sporting events, where her powerful vocals left audiences spellbound. Yet, behind the applause, Alyssa quietly pursued her dreams. Initiating a bold move, she reached out to music industry professionals in Nashville, her heart racing with anticipation. Only after securing a response did Alyssa confide in her family, revealing her deepest aspirations and seeking their unwavering support.


With their backing, Alyssa courageously uprooted from Annapolis, MD, and settled in Nashville, fully immersing herself in the music scene. There, she dedicated herself to mastering the guitar, honing her songwriting craft, and delivering captivating performances. A pivotal moment arrived when Alyssa shared the stage with the iconic Kevin Costner and his band, Modern West, marking a milestone in her burgeoning career.


Further validating her talent, Alyssa's enchanting voice will soon grace screens in Kevin Costner's eagerly awaited series, "Horizon: An American Saga," where she'll render the timeless hymn, "Amazing Grace." Alyssa's journey stands as a testament to her relentless determination and undeniable talent. As she continues to make waves in the music industry, her soul-stirring melodies and powerful voice will undoubtedly impact audiences worldwide.


Alyssa Flaherty's debut single, “Under The Influence” (out June 21st, 2024) carries a breathy sound reminiscent of a heavy heart making its way down a two-lane road. The tenderhearted free spirit shares her heartbreak from her dashboard view. PreAdd/PreSave HERE


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