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Alyssa Flaherty may be young, but music has been in her soul since she was born. The only member of her family who considers herself musical, she was drawn to singing since she was a little girl. “My parents never really understood where my passion and love for music came from. As I got a little older, I would beg and beg my parents for voice lessons,” Alyssa remembers. Eventually, Alyssa’s grandma got her voice lessons when she was 8 years old and she hasn’t turned back since. 


As the years went by, Alyssa knew she had a voice and wanted to share it with a wider audience. While singing locally at schools, charities, and professional sporting events, Alyssa secretly went about reaching out to record labels in Nashville. She didn’t tell anyone she had sent demos and covers. She waited, not knowing if anyone would respond. That’s when she heard from Lamon Records. Only then did she share with her parents her deep desire to pursue music professionally and full time. 


Alyssa looks up to Freddie Mercury and Taylor Swift as musical influences for their deep passion and creative talent. The way they have touched her life is the way she hopes her music can connect to her own audience. “I hope people gain inspiration through my music. Yes, music is a way of expressing yourself but it also allows you to listen to a different perspective. I want my music to inspire and encourage others,” Alyssa shares. 


The songs she has chosen for her EP are personal and positive. “Being a 16 year old girl, there has been heartbreak, confusion, and sadness- but there has also been times of happiness, liveliness, and excitement, writes Alyssa. “Each song I chose for the album relates to one of those feelings and each of them gives a positive message for all listeners.” When asked about her goals for the future, she shares “I hope to write songs which inspire young girls and boys, teens, and adults to be unapologetically themselves. Music has helped me heal, express happiness and grow as a person and I want my music to do the same for others.” 


“Alyssa is one of the most amazing vocalists I’ve ever worked with,” says label president and Grammy nominated producer Dave Moody.  “She has depth, power and range that sets her apart.”


Alyssa’s soulful-country-pop sound provides audiences a mixture of familiarity and newness. She likes to tell stories in the way country music does while also having the energy and excitement the pop genre brings. Alyssa’s single “Stealing Hearts” is at radio now, and her EP can be found everywhere great music is sold including Spotify, Amazon and iTunes on January 17th. You can follow Alyssa’s music at and find out more from Lamon Records at

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